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HuaFang Group of China

Founded in 1975 and headquartered at Zhangjiagang of Jiangsu Province, Huafang Group is a textile based, diversified expanded large corporate enterprise, with total assets over RMB 10 Billion, nearly 20,000 employees. It is now a national large enterprise as well as a key enterprise group of Jiangsu Province.

The group takes textile as its major business, administers cotton spinning, yarn-dyed, weaving and dyeing and wool spinning, weaving and dyeing business unit. It has also established large-scale textile industrial parks in Xiajin of Shandong Province, Shihezi of Xinjiang, Xiuwu of Henan Province and Wuhe of Anhui Province. Now the Group's cotton spinning industry is equipped with 2 million cotton spinning spindles. Its cotton weaving and dyeing industry is equipped with 1,500 new type of weaving machines with annual output of 150 million meters cotton fabrics. Its wool spinning, weaving and dyeing industry possesses 150,000 combed wool spinning spindles with annual output of 20 million meters wool fabric.

The group vigorously develops emerging industry and tertiary industry while making textile strong and excellent. The group has founded tertiary companies engaged in import and export, cotton industry, hotels, real estate, rural small loans, venture capital investment and logistics. Huafang has become the large-scale enterprise group with obvious competitive advantage in textile industry, rapidly developed in multi-field.

After management innovation, the group forms Huafang style: combination of centralization and decentralization, dual level management, combination of responsibility and benefit, payment by results, promoting sustainable and efficient development of the enterprise, "Huafang" brand is awarded as "China Well-known Trademark". The group has been rated as "Jiangsu Hundred Enterprises (Group)", "Advanced Group of Chinese Textile Industry", "China's Top 500 Private Enterprise" and "China's Top 500 Enterprise".

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