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HuaFang Group of China
1975   The predecessor of Huafang Group--Spinning Workshop of Tangqiao Comprehensive Factory was founded, including only 176 workers and 1,600 spindles at the beginning.

The company moved to its present site and named as Zhangjiagang Chemical Fiber Textile Mill, where the spindles were increased to 8,800, and the company was listed the appointed manufacturer by the Textile Industry Office of Jiangsu Province.


Consolidated Tangqiao Yarn-Dyed Mill and Hongxing Knitting Mill, then started merger acquisition and management grafting, and fully utilized more than 20 enterprises, laying a foundation for collective operation and economy of scale.


Founded Huafang Industrial Corporation, becoming the first enterprise in Jiangsu province that is with untitled administrative division.


Renamed as Huafang Group Co., Ltd., forming normative modern enterprise system and corporate governance structure.


Huafang Textile (SH600273) was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange, marching the first step of capital operation.


Founded Huafang Xiajin Industrial Park in Shandong Province, then invested in Xinjiang, Henan Province and Anhui Province in succession, forming a new industrial layout that covers the eastern, middle and western China, and the economy of different places and the headquarters can support each other.


QIN Daqian, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Huafang Group, put forward the strategic positioning of “accelerating seven changes”, which helped Huafang Group accelerate industrial upgrading, become stronger and optimize transform, so that the “brand contribution rate” and the “science and technology contribution rate” kept on increasing.


Found ten tertiary industry companies, gradually forming a diversified industrial pattern based on textile, and combining emerging industry, finance and modern service industry.

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