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Huafang—The home we build together

Chairman of the board of directors and President of Huafang Group Mr. QIN Daqian says: “I believe in two ‘Gods’, one is our employees, and the other is our clients.” The Group has been implementing emotional management, building corporate culture, as well as raising the salaries and benefits of employees for years.For more than 20 years, the Group arranges the transport in the Spring Festival to send more than 10,000 employees back home and then pick them up back to the company. Moreover, the Group has established the first Workers’ Club in Zhangjiagang, and aimed at providing the platform and the space for employees to grow, so as to create a “harmonious Huafang Group” with the help of heartwarming measures.

Huafang Group is created by every Huafang people with all their hearts. In order to make Huafang Group a better home and place, for years, hundreds of thousands of employees who are originally from north Jiangsu Province, Henan Province, Anhui Province, Shandong Province, Xinjiang Autonomous Region and Gansu Province, together with local employees, think and act as Huafang people, consider the Group as their homes, and work hard. They have realized their own values while facilitating the highly efficient development of the company. And many of them have also become the new Zhangjiagang citizens who have great careers and treat Huafang as their second hometown.

The slogan—“Huafang, the home we build together” has become the portrayal of the harmonious interaction inside Huafang Group. It is the home culture that creates the cohesion and creativity of Huafang, and gives Huafang inexhaustible power and energy, so that Huafang has been awarded the title of “Advanced Corporation of National Textile Harmony Enterprise Construction”.

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