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HuaFang Group of China
Cotton Spinning

Cotton spinning industry is core industry of Huafang Group. There are 2,000,000 cotton spindle spindles. The company has large-scale cotton spinning bases such as Zhangjiagang Huafang Jintian, Shandong Xiajin, Xinjiang Shihezi, Henan Xiuwu, Anhui Wuhe, and etc.

The company mainly engages in producing 6S-120S combed and carded all cotton, polyester/cotton knitted yarn, woven yarn, air-spun cotton yarn, compact yarn, "Jinhuafang" yarn, A grade yarn, and other high-end products. Moreover, special products can be produced at the request of clients.

In recent years, the company has introduced a large amount of advanced devices such as blowing-carding units, automatic winders, and so forth, and has established Huafang Textile Institute for creating an influential textile information, detection and research platform.

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