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Luke’s Swedish Pop Sampler Volume 3! (March 2002)

Friday, March 1st, 2002

Click here to download a zipped file containing all 22 mp3 files and the front and back cover artwork.

1. Freewheel: Starfriend (Starfriend, 1998)
2. The Bear Quartet: Before The Trenches (Moby Dick, 1997)
3. The Kooks: Indigo Lights (Too Much Is Not Enough, 1999)
4. Ulf Stureson: En Annorunda Varld (Ulf Stureson, 2000)
5. Pineforest Crunch: College Radio Listeners (Panamarenko, 2001)
6. Ray Wonder: General Hugging Center (Good Music, 1996)
7. The Trampolines: One By One (The Trampolines, 1997)
8. Josie: Your Funny Clothes (Footsteps, 2001)
9. Wannadies: Big Fan (Yeah, 1999)
10. Wade: Freak Or A Star (Cybergenic Rockstar Profile, 2000)
11. The Drowners: On The Radio (Is There Something On Your Mind?, 2001)
12. Brainpool: Here’s A Boy (Stay Free, 1996)
13. Lasse Lindh: Walk With Me (You Wake Up At Sea Tac, 2001)
14. The Mopeds: Steppin’ On Fire (The Land Of The Three, 2001)
15. Planet Of The Poodles: I Owe Her (A Different Pace, 1998)
16. The Confusions: Cornflake King (Everyone’s Invited, 1996)
17. The Trampolines: If You Stay Down (How Do We Do?, 2000)
18. Håkan Hellström: Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg (Same, 2000)
19. Edson: Sunday, Lovely Sunday (Same, 1999)
20. Brainstorm: My Star (Among The Suns, 2000)
21. Kristofer Åström: All Lovers Hell (Northern Blues, 2001)
22. Heed: Seldom Seen (Postdynamic Tide, 1999)