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Luke’s Scandinavian Pop Sampler Volume 9! (December 2008)

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Click here to download a zipped file containing all 22 mp3 files and the front and back cover artwork.

1. Magnet: Let It Snow (Minus EP, 2004)
We open the sampler by going back a few years and sampling what is as close to “Christmas cheer” as one might expect to hear from our favourite morose Norwegian, Even Johansen AKA Magnet.

2. Luke Jackson: Come Tomorrow (…And Then Some, 2008)
OK, I’m not Swedish, but everyone else on my new record is. Count ‘em…12 Swedes! And me.

3. Billie The Vision & The Dancers: Someday Somehow (I Used to Wander These Streets, 2008)
Billie are in my bad books for sending me damaged CDs and not responding when I complained. I won’t be stocking their CDs again, so if you’ve ever wanted to buy their CDs, now’s the time! It breaks my heart…I love them, but I’m trying to run a business here dammit 🙁

4. Frank Hammersland: Don’t Wanna Bring You Down (So Easily Distracted, 2007)
This might just be my favourite album from Frank…solo, Popium, Pogo Pops or otherwise. It’s THAT good.

5. Tim Christensen: Love Is A Matter Of… (Secrets On Parade, 2000)
I discovered Tim Christensen earlier this year and his first two albums are phenomenal. They’re also REALLY hard to get a hold of, so here are two of his best songs to help you decide if it’s worth the trek to Copenhagen (it is).

6. Moi Caprice: Rising And Falling Points Of Dust (We Had Faces Then, 2008)
A new Moi Caprice album is an event here at Popsicle HQ, and their fourth effort builds on the remarkable foundation they have established since their 2003 debut.

7. Orphan Songs: Epitaphs (Orphan Songs, 2008)
Essentially a solo project for Carl-Otto Johansson who reflects here (amongst other things) on the break-up of his former band Eyedrop by assembling the “Orphan Songs” the break-up left behind.

8. Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost: Can’t Stop The Dreaming (The Fragile State Of Inbetween, 2008)
Pieced together in studios around the world, this Norwegian Brit released the dreamiest slice of progressive pop I’ve heard in ages. Much of it wouldn’t be out of place on the first Duncan Sheik album which is one of my all-time favourites.

9. Artisokka: Seabed (Seabed, 2008)
This Finnish band weave elements of jazz, lounge and pop folk into their delicate songs. Quite otherworldly.

10. Labrador: Can Not Say You’re Out (Caleidoscope Aeroplane, 2008)
Flemming Borby traveled to a studio in Cuba to record his new album and played with a bunch of local musicians there. The results are self-evident…possibly his finest work to date.

11. Vibeke Saugestad: Meant To Be With You (The World Famous Hat Trick, 2008)
Oslo’s first lady of power pop goes indie (with back-up from The Yum Yums) and delivers the bubblegum record of the year.

12. The Charade: Keeping Up Appearances (Keeping Up Appearances, 2008)
The Charade go from strength to strength with this, their third album in as many years.

13. Private Jets: Investigate (Jet Sounds, 2008)
Stockholm’s Private Jets took six years to follow up their debut EP with an album that Beach Boys and Jellyfish fans will love.

14. Carpark North: Human (All Things To All People, 2005)
Another Danish album that’s impossible to find. The video for this single is possibly my favourite of recent times:

15. Michael Møller: This Little Lady (Every Streetcar’s Got A Name – An Album About Sex And Desire, 2007)
Released last year, this was the debut solo album from the lead singer of Moi Caprice, and it’s a brooding and ambitious song cycle on the nature of love and sex which clearly worships at the altar of Leonard Cohen. Great stuff.

16. Annabella: Rogue Waves (Say Goodnight, 2008)
One of Popsicle’s few concessions to non-Scandinavian artists, this Texan husband and wife duo might just have produced their masterpiece.

17. Jay-Jay Johanson: She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known, 2007)
Sweden’s finest trip-hop crooner bounces back from 2005’s lackluster “Rush” with his finest effort since “Tattoo”.

18. Tim Christensen: Surfing The Surface (Honeyburst, 2003)
Here’s another track from Tim Christensen. Denmark’s answer to Jeff Buckley? He just might be.

19. Orphan Songs: America (Orphan Songs, 2008)
I love this album so much I decided to feature it twice.

20. Luke Jackson: A Little Voice (…And Then Some, 2008)
I thought it only right to showcase the flipside of my new album with a ballad. Strings arranged and conducted by Robert Kirby (Nick Drake, Elvis Costello, John Cale etc.)

21. Twin Piloda: Not Invented (Brother Jona, 2009)
The third album from Sweden’s Måns Wieslander is a sublime collection of pop songs, realized by producer Ola Frick of the Moonbabies. Not available yet, this is a teaser for the release next year.

22. Vibeke Saugestad: Christmas Is Calling Me Home (From All Of Me Christmas EP, 2008)
A beautiful cut from Vibeke’s new Christmas EP to round out the sampler. Killer.

Luke’s Scandinavian Pop Sampler Volume 5! (December 2003)

Monday, December 1st, 2003

Click here to download a zipped file containing all 22 mp3 files and the front and back cover artwork.

1. Metro Jets: The Morning Show (single, 2004)
Metro Jets is the perfect pop fix for those of you who are waiting patiently for a new Beagle album. Magnus from Beagle and David from Brainpool bring you this slice of power pop perfection which is actually the theme song for Sweden’s new hit TV sitcom Hipp Hipp…did  someone mention The Rembrandts?…

2. Ola Framby: My Turn (EP, 2002)
Ola Framby was the songwriting force behind and frontman of The Girls in the early 90’s whose masterpiece “It’s Not For The Oskon” album has become a sought-after rarity among powerpop collectors. On this one-man-band solo project he flexes his considerable songwriting muscles with a set of innovative and unpredictable tunes which will  draw you back again and again.

3. Vibeke Saugestad: Velvet Revolution (Overdrive, 2003)
This Norwegian singer’s latest album “Overdrive” is a powerhouse of catchy powerpop numbers, co-written and co-produced by Beagle’s Magnus Borjeson and Brainpool’s David Birde who also play bass and guitar on the album. Also co-produced by the great Christoffer Lundqvist, it’s absolutely essential listening.

4. Johan Bergqvist: Shine (Boy Extracting Thorn, 2002)
This just came across my desk recently and blew me away. A young Swede with a knack for catchy writing that brings to mind influences such as Elliott Smith, Popsicle, and Shawn Smith. Bergvist even contributes two tunes to an upcoming Shawn Smith tribute album. Don’t know who Shawn Smith is? We need to talk!

5. Freewheel: Queen (Varandra, 2000)
It only took me three years to track down this Japanese follow-up to “Starfriend”. In all honesty it’s not as good as its predecessor, but it has a few standout tracks including this one.

6. The Mopeds: She Went Boom (Celebrate The Herring, 1998)
Possibly the Mopeds’ finest song, this was a single in Sweden and has never appeared on an album. It does show up on this excellent Japan-only Celebrate The Herring EP from 1998 though.

7. Sweet Chariots: All I Want Is What I Had (Beat Based, Song Centered, Spirit Led, 2000)
This album picks up where Popsicle left off with their 1997 release “Stand Up And Testify”. Main Popsicle dude Andreas Mattsson hooked up with longtime Popsicle producer and Atomic Swing dude Niclas Frisk to put together this very Popsicle-esque CD a couple of years back…great stuff!

8. Andreas Johnson: Glorious (Liebling, 1999)
This album was produced by Peter Kvint of Melony. It’s the kind of music  you think you’ve heard on the radio before. Lush production and lots of catchy hooks. This track was a hit in Europe.

9. Popundret: That What Makes Me Love You (Montmartre 15 40, 1996)
I got this track on a sampler a while back and it took me ages to track the album down. I don’t normally go in for a lot of Smiths-inspired jangly guitar stuff but this Skellefteå band have their pop hooks down.

10. Komeda: Nonsense (Kokomemedada, 2003)
How a new Komeda album could almost slip right past my radar is a mystery, but I just picked this one up and it’s great. Only released in Europe, this album picks up where 1998’s “What Makes It Go” left off, albeit with a more laid back and dreamy approach.

11. Rubbertribe: Above The Sun (Wound On My Neck For You, 2001)
Someone sent me CD single of the track “Daylight” from this obscure CD back in 2001. Two years later I finally have the CD in my hands and it doesn’t disappoint. There are some powerpop moments on this album, but they also have a touch of the Radioheads, in a good way, like The Motorhomes. Recommended.

12. Ray Wonder: We Got To Be Good To Each Other (A New Kind Of Love,  2000)
This should have gone on one of the previous samplers, but there was never room for it. Ray Wonder are half way between Komeda (the band that spawned them) and The Cardigans. Indeed, Nina Persson turns in a sublime guest vocal on album closer “Lid”, and Baxter’s Nina Ramsby guests on this cut.

13. Ola Framby: Coming Home (Ola Framby, 2003)
Here’s another slice of offbeat brilliance from Mr. Framby.

14. The Venue: What’s In His Head? (Mmhm!, 2002)
If ever a band were living in the 60’s, it’s beat revivalists The Venue. This album is chock full of great numbers. Roll on 1966…

15. The Motorhomes: It’s Alright (Songs For Me And My Baby, 1999)
It wasn’t until I’d OD’d on The Motorhomes more recent “Long Distance Runner” album that I even knew they’d done an earlier album. What? Another superbly produced CD of killer songs? Every bit as good as it’s follow-up…killer!

16. Vibeke Saugestad: Not On Your Life (Into The Shimmering, 2001)
While her more recent “Overdrive” is the one to get, Vibeke’s major label debut from 2001 has some great cuts on it as well.

17. The Isolation Years: It’s Golden (It’s Golden, 2003)
This little-know band from northern Sweden released this impressive debut earlier this year. It’s a tasty little psych-pop affair, and this track features the most superb theft of a Beatles lyric I’ve heard in years!

18. Ronderlin: Reflected (Wave Another Day Goodbye, 2002)
Another album I’ve played to bits over the last few months, this guitar pop affair is very reminiscent of The Leslies and Happydeadmen. Full of great pop hooks.

19. Starlet: When Sun Falls On My Feet (When Sun Falls On My Feet, 2002)
Here’s some slightly darker stuff from this band’s third album, released last year. There are some jangly guitars reminiscent of earlier R.E.M. and some nice horn arrangements. Not to be played before 2am.

20. Edson: Every Day (One Last Song About You Know What, 2003)
Another great EP from the always great Edson. I actually wanted to put the title track on here but it wouldn’t fit!

21. Doris Days: To Ulrike M. (Live In Poland, 1996)
Anyone who got into Lloyd Parker from the last sampler will want to check this out. I worked my way backwards from Lloyd Parker and found that Markus Gylling was formerly in Doris Days who released this little-known  album in 1996. It’s another slice of dark trip-pop with another great  female vocalist, Lisa Carlioth, who sounds quite a lot like Pineforest Crunch’s Asa Eklund. Great stuff. Incidentally, recorded in a studio in Sweden, and not live in Poland.

22. Magnet: The Day We Left Town (On Your Side, 2003)
Even Johanson returns with another sublime offering from earlier this year. This guy’s making waves all across Europe, but fairly predictably, nothing over here. His imagination is vast. This album is like nothing I’ve heard before. I must admit I personally prefer his previous “Quiet and Still” album which had a simpler production, but this album is immense.